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"I started The SMIRKY WATERS Band as an incubator.
A Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk & Feelgood Social Club so to speak.
We attract musicians with no egos, lots of enthusiasm and a pioneering spirit.
I believe a good song is poetry.
It's not about the words - it's the order you put them in!
Also, original songs are shaped by the order you put the musicians in.
We look for a variety of talents and different combinations
for each piece we create. Then we improvise and innovate
and as Composers we all create some history together.
Interested in any upcoming projects? Email me

I love writing. I love drumming. I love improvising. I love collaborating."

- Paul L. Clark

"The way we create? I would call it evolutionary music.
Every life force that touches it causes an evolutionary change.
Therefore growth. Living music so to speak.
May our little eccentric microcosm
of unique talents be an example to the macrocosm
that is humanity as a whole!

- James D Seaborn


A few years back I was asked to sit in on some studio session work.
To warm up the room I took everyone on a little subliminal expedition from the Blues, jumped
into a little Jazz and frolicked into a sprinkling of Funk and Feelgood non-stop.
It was quite magical and most important to me, a lot of FUN!
Everyone said they enjoyed being taken into some pretty cool murky musical waters,
genres they always thought they didn't like. It was unanimous.
For a laugh I told them they could call me Murky Waters. Another musician noticed the smirk
on my face. Always looking to put a twinkle in someone's eye I added
that for the night they should now call me Smirky Waters...but with an 'i'.
A few weeks later when another studio called me to sit in on a session,
they insisted on talking to "Smirky Waters". The word was out.
Now THAT made ME laugh!

The Smirky Waters Experience
That day, a whole new set of musicians jokingly asked if they could play as The SMIRKY WATERS Band.
That night, a couple of them left and a few new ones joined us. Now they asked if we were still The SMIRKY WATERS Band.
It gave me the idea that no matter who I was playing with on any particular song, we would be called
ya, you got it, The Smirky Waters Band! A really cool Musical Social Club.

Loud meant good!

As a young musician, LOUD meant GOOD. Over 40 years this blatently proved not to be the case.
I have learned that you have to actually play music to be taken seriously as a musician.
And good music creates a mood that invokes emotion. Sometimes peppy, sometimes mellow, thoughtful, playful.
That's how I look at genres - as MOODS.
In the studio I ask, what MOOD are we in and we play with that.
When a good musician or band harnesses the frequency of a particular mood you can feel it.
It's healing. And as we all know, moods change.
So sometimes we're blue, sometimes we're jazz, sometimes we're funky. Sometimes whacky, sometimes serious.
We respect and appreciate them all... you know, depending on the mood.

Oh, the Recording!

To tell a good story is poetry.
But to present it appropriately is the key. That's in the recording.
With over 35 years of award-winning experience in TV, Commercials, Film & Video,
I have seen the positive energy and frequency of sound and music.
One cool thing I have come across is Binaural Recording.

What is Binaural Recording?

In simplified terms:
Binaural Recording is a method of recording a sound
that uses two mircophones, arranged with the intent to create
a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually
being in the room with the performers or instruments.
(or outside, depending on what's being recorded)

It isn't just stereo sound being pushed at you from two sides.
It duplicates the way sound is received by the human ears.
It has the effect of putting sound in the very centre of your head.
And our friend Michael Hoepfner is an expert at this.

Listen to our Faery Dance video (below) WITH HEADPHONES
and you will understand how powerful 'binaural' is.
To avoid being a spoiler, all I'll say is that the majority of listeners
have reported taking their headphones off mid-song to look outside.
Ya, it's that real!


Paul L. Clark

Lyricist, Percussionist, Perception Shifter

James Seaborn

Guitarist, Collaborator, Musical Innovator


With any number of talented musicians

Make Some Music!

You work on ours. We work on yours. Create some history!

Our Music

The Smirky Waters Band: musical adventures & experiments.
Here are some comments and observations from our collaborators.
Jump down to hear our music.
HEADPHONES highly recommended!

Comment from Al Black, Collaborator, Composer, Harmonica & Drummer:

Al Black photoAl Black on drums photoAl Black in rapture black & white photoAl Black on stage

"This was a musical side road I've never been on before. A little mystery and playfulness in this sound experiment."
- Al Black

Comment from George Bertok, Collaborator, Composer, Mellotron & Bass Guitar.
(George has recorded with KLAATU)

George Bertok photo screamingGeorge Bertok photo with Guitargeorge Bertok photo with Mellowtrongeorge Bertok photo at Keyboard: courtesy wayne O'Connor

"I believe in the spirit of improvisation because it is an honest form of expression, akin to a knee-jerk reaction to any situation, which is usually the truth. All of my 'compositions' as Bertokia, though somewhat structured, are born out of improvisation. Pushing the record button, and finding myself singing a melody and lyrics or playing guitar riffs that were born because of that decision to just do it, sink or swim, is a gift to be cherished. James Seaborn and I have always shared that reverence for the truth, however painful it may seem at times [haha] So, it has been fun to share this wonder with Paul L. Clark, and the other members of the Smirky Waters Band!"
- George Bertok

Comment from Bridget Foley, Collaborator, Composer, Vocalist:

Bridget FoleyBridget Foley photo in studioBridget Foley behind a MICBridget Foley at the MIC

"This is the first time that I have ever been a part of something so completely unfiltered. Because I was given the freedom to create as I was moved to, my songs were able to push past my ego, my self, and become whatever it was to become throughout this collaboration.
That freedom to create awakened a musical side to me that I could never really put my finger on before. As the music moved through me, I was amazed by how I was transformed/transported to a meditative state of relaxation and openness.
I trust that you will feel it too.
Honest, raw, meditative, unguided and unfiltered.
That is what I call this Smirky Waters creation.
- B. Foley

Comment from Rico Fama, Collaborator, Composer, Guitar, Synth:

Rico Fama photoRico Fama photoRico Fama photo youngerRico Fama photo old black & white

"I believe that music is an organic process ... if it isn't are not doing it right!"
- Rico Fama

Comment from Michael Hoepfner, Collaborator, Composer, Bass Guitar, Binaural Recordings:

Michael Hoepfner photo as a kidMichael Hoepfner photo in high schoolMichael Hoepfner photo beard & long hairMichael Hoepfner photo today

"In a good band everyone’s part is crucial. Yours may seem like a small part, but without it, the whole thing suffers.
If society were organized like that, what an amazing world this would be.
- Michael Hoepfner

Some Go Down (single)

This is a very cool, beautifully haunting southern swamp blues piece much in the sense of Ry Cooder.
With the creative harmonica styling of Al Black, the bad ass fiddle plucking (like a banjo) of the irreverent Michael Beynon, the skilled pie plate fingernail scratching of Paul L Clark (also percussion) and the smooth suggestive Bass Guitar grace of Michael Hoepfner well, you just have to hear it. Paul is a certified & licensed Drone pilot who shot and edited the video footage.


Some Go Down - The SMIRKY WATERS Band

The Secret Woodpile Sessions

CD Cover The Secret Woodpile sessions

The FULL Album. The Secret Woodpile Sessions
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Composer, Lyrics, Mix, Producer
Bridget Foley: Vocals, Composer
Rico Fama: Guitar, Synth, Composer
George Bertok: Bass Guitar, Mellotron, Composer
Michael Hoepfner: Bass Guitar, Composer, Biraural Recordings
Mary Giuffre: Executive Producer


Album Single:
Sometimes I featuring Bridget Foley
Bridget Foley: Vocals, Composer
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Composer, Lyrics
Rico Fama: Guitar, Orchestra, Composer

CD Cover: Faery Dance

Album Single:
Faery Dance featuring Bridget Foley.
Bridget Foley: Vocals, Composer
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Composer, Lyrics
Michael Hoepfner: Bass Guitar, Composer

CD Cover: Take Us To The Heart

Album Single:
Take Us To The Heart featuring Bridget Foley.
Bridget Foley: Vocals, Composer
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Composer

CD Cover: Cosmic Healers

Album Single:
Cosmic Healers.
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Vocals, Juice Harp, Composer, Lyrics
Bridget Foley: Vocals, Composer
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer

CD Cover: Wisdom Keepers

Album Single:
Wisdom Keepers featuring Bridget Foley.
Bridget Foley: Vocals, Composer
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Vocals, Composer, Lyrics


Album Single:
TRUST. A True Story.
James Seaborn: Guitar, Vocals, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Hammered Dulcimer, Composer, Lyrics

CD Cover: Ahara

Album Single:
Ahara. Sandscrit for 'Inspiration'.
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Composer
George Bertok: Bass Guitar, Composer

CD Cover: The Storm

Album Single:
(We Are) The Storm.
James Seaborn: Guitar, Vocals, Composer
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Composer, Lyrics
George Bertok: Mellotron, Composer

We're working on new stuff!

Album Single:
Joy Noyz.
Paul L. Clark: Percussion, Vocals, Composer, Lyrics
James Seaborn: Guitar, Composer